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Recruit50Plus is a unique job training and job placement model. Lets start your journey by clicking the link below:

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Recruit50Plus add new add-on choices to your Pathways program that helps to increase your job seeking competitiveness further. Lets start your journey by clicking the link below:
Code Inclusions ListComments
I-1INTERVIEW- (INITIAL - <30min)One or more interview sessions may occur of varying durations. These will ensure our understanding of your goals.
KV1PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENT (GPI/1)These types of written and oral assessment help us to understand your learning preferences
OO1BOOK 1 - The Experience EquationA required reading that will help put your mind at ease and explain a few mysteries
CC2CONNECT COLLABORATIVE (4 mths mship)Get connected with ‘likeminded’ people. Valuable connections know lots of other valuable people
CC4NETWORK BUILDING COACHING (4 Sessions)Networking is one thing, but network building is entirely another. We will show you how to build known, liked and trusted connections
We have reinvented recruitment—Recruit 50Plus hunt for Age-friendly Employers and not for applicants
Online job seeking is ‘Busted’. This journey is about YOU. You are the brand

NEW - B5 Copy CVWe completely leap-frog online job applying. So we don’t need Cvs designed to be processed by robot algorithms
GO1GO1 SUBSCRIPTIONWe will show you a ‘Hot 10’ list for online courses. You may add on as many additional courses as you like
IC10INDUCTION COURSE – The Journey Starts HereIncitive, thought-provoking and revealing. You are going to be surprised. 4 Sessions of two and a half hours over 4 weeks. You will have some homework, but it is about YOU
NL2CHAPTER TWO – New Life DesignAnya Lyudmilina delivers a vital short course focusing on You and your work-life balance. It comes highly recommended!
AD9ADMINISTRATION FEEYou will have a personal Pathway Partner to guide you through this journey