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Specialising In Placing People Over 50

Recruit 50Plus Is The Perfect Solution For Businesses And Their Staffing Challenges. We Assist In The Retention Of Existing Mature-Age Workers By Upskilling AND The Recruitment Of New Mature-Age Candidates.

Why You Should Choose

Recruit 50Plus

Our Mission is to reinvent recruitment and shift the Employer paradigm as greater productivity, economy, and human potential result from employee gratification.

Our team has a combined experience of over 180 years in recruitment, retailing, teaching, business ownership, manufacturing, franchising, commercial strategies and much, much more.

Our Directors have been on both sides of the recruitment fence, and understand your challenges, your aspirations, your dignity and how to best represent you to prospective employers

Watch our video below to understand how Recruit 50Plus can assist you in preparing for another workplace experience. Whether that be a new and different engagement in employment, contracting or business commencement Recruit 50Plus will take the journey with you. 

You Have The Advantage

If you are of mature-age, you may be struggling to find work with traditional recruitment agencies.

With mature-age comes life experience, leadership skills, and other social qualities that will greatly benefit prospective employers.

You have a lot to offer the workforce and employers as a mature employment candidate.

Recruit 50Plus will partner with you to increase your job competitiveness.

Recruit 50Plus will shine a spotlight on you as a brand. We will present you as being above your competitors and being the employer’s obvious choice for the job! 

Relevant Training

Recruit 50Plus will help show you the real competitive value of your existing skills and experience.

Recruit 50Plus will provide you with real-world training designed for mature-age candidates.

Our team works closely with you (our client) and the employer (also our client) to ensure a better outcome.

Recruit 50Plus offers you specialised pathway training options.

Recruit 50Plus will also help you maximise your opportunities by building a trusted network of contacts.

Let's Do This Together

Recruit 50Plus will work with you personally, and help bring you to a competitive edge:

 1. We have reinvented the interview process by having us participate in the employer interview with you

 2. We have reinvented the resume which puts your application ahead of the competition
 3. We will completely leapfrog the online application process which unfairly discriminates against mature-age candidates
4. We will help you manage your job applications 
5. We will help you connect with your new network
 6. Recruit 50Plus will work with you in building a personal profile so others may observe your value as a mature-age candidate


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