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Recruit 50Plus specialises in training and placing of mature-age Candidates.


Recruit 50Plus is not a recruitment agency; we believe the recruitment industry is not just broken, but, intrinsically ‘BUSTED’. Our unique business model turns job searching on its head. Most recruiters will advertise to draw in applicants to fill a vacancy on behalf of their Client the Employer. You may not be aware that recruitment agencies and recruitment managers rigidly use ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to deselect as many applicants as possible. Software developers of these programs boast deselection to be as high as 75% before a recruiter starts their selection process. ATS makes the recruitment agency’s job much easier, quicker and cheaper. It is this process that most recruiters base their pledge to find the ‘best’ applicants for their Client.

What does this mean for you? Your chances of gaining an interview (much less a position) as a mature-age candidate become virtually impossible and denies the Employer of many ‘RIGHT’ candidates.


You see, ATS can discretely discriminate to any extent and be virtually immune to anti-discrimination laws. What becomes painfully evident is that you are unlikely to be considered ‘best’ if your age is outside the 18 to 35 years sweet spot. Wait, it gets worse! ATS is also a data collection system. The more applications you submit online, the more data it collects about your details, and so your chances of landing an interview continues to decline even further. Legitimately advertised job vacancies versus those for ‘data phishing’ using ATS is another topic of concern.


Recruit 50Plus differs from recruitment agencies and government-funded quangos by presenting you and the Employer as an ideal match. We altogether avoid ATS by approaching Industry Leaders and business owners on your behalf. Recruit 50Plus partner mature-age candidates directly with an employer; not a recruiter.


At Recruit 50Plus, we invest much of our time and efforts in developing bespoke reskilling and upskilling Pathways specifically for YOU. We show you how to become far more competitive as a candidate for job vacancies. But wait, there’s considerably more to our deliberate strategies. Because we offer quality job-ready mature-age candidates (people like you) to an Employer, we are also serving their valued interests. So our work for them is performed at a significantly reduced rate than Industry-standard. This makes your application even more competitive and appealing. Now all parties have “skin in the game”, and there is three of us at the interview. Recruit 50Plus disrupts a broken recruitment industry. You become better represented (more competitive), and the EMPLOYER gets better value for money by employing YOU. 

So, please help us help you. Please complete the following questions to enable Recruit 50Plus to know just a little more about you. From there, we can talk about the smart way of getting ahead of your competition as a job seeker.

Go ahead; we’re all ears.

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Q1 Questionnaire

Tell us about your past and present employment history. Are you currently working? Where was your favourite place of employment? What is an ideal placement for you? (in approximately 200 words)


Briefly tell us what new skills or education you are looking to attain. Are you computer literate? Are you looking to acquire a job in a new field? (in approximately 200 words)


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of work? What are your passions/hobbies? (in approximately 200 words)


Are you prepared to invest in your transition to new and sustainable employment? If you are, tell us in what ways are you prepared to contribute. (in approximately 200 words)

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