Sales & Marketing

Using a network-driven approach to optimise your client acquisition and conversion.

Get Busy Growing Your Revenue

We have a huge amount of experience when it comes to working with Sales and Marketing teams. Over the years we noticed traits in outperforming individuals and teams. Network guided teams deliver better business results, and we can teach your team how this works. 

There is a reason these teams are bundled together, they need to work harmoniously to create great customer journeys, building and nurturing leads for your business. Alignment is crucial.

Busy in Business uses a hands-on approach to get an understanding of your environment, business position and targets. We go a step further, and work in store or in the the field to get and keep staff aligned with business goals. We actually get ‘hands on’ with your business. This supports the creation of outcome-orientated teams with KPI’s that mean the whole business improves. 

Key Features & Stategies

Sales Training & Alignment

Website development, hosting and implementation

Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution

Local Marketing initiatives

Customer Data Processes and Analysis

Signage and store design

Store merchandising and Sales review

Customer Journey Mapping

Ok, so what next?

Increasing profitability comes from four major components of the business, increasing customer transaction value (CTV), Increasing volume of customers, decreasing overheads, and decreasing your cost of goods sold (COGS). Having the experience of Busy in Business look at your profitability through these frames means we can help you change the right one by the right amount at the right time. 

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